1972-1982 Twin rear-engine dragster

​Brunelli & Dunn.  Twin rat motors. 
Drivers:  Leo Dunn, Joe Ortega, Larry Sutton. 
Colors:  Unpainted, royal blue with light blue background and gold lettering, (seen here), royal blue with yellow strip, and lastly royal blue with yellow lettering.
​1972-1981 ran as AA/D.  
1981-1982 ran on alcohol as AA/DA
​Herman Marchetti photo
Seattle International Raceway
​Courtesy of Herman Marchetti
  1.   Brunelli & Dunn
    Brunelli & Dunn
    1967 Twin Engine Dragster A/D Twin mouse motors Drivers: Leo Dunn, Gil Rothweiler, Jerry Bonds, Jim Davis Les Welch photo Irwindale Raceway
  2.     Marks & Dunn
    Marks & Dunn
    1961 T-Bucket A-Gas Mouse motor Drivers: Clyde Marks, Leo Dunn Unknown photographer Dunn family photo album.
  3.    Hanson & Dunn
    Hanson & Dunn
    1965 Roadster A-Comp Mouse motor Driver: Leo Dunn Unknown photographer Dunn family photo album
  4.   Brunelli & Dunn
    Brunelli & Dunn
    1969 Twin Engine Dragster AA/D Twin rat motors Drivers: Leo Dunn, Bob Drummond Jim Phillipson photo Sears Point Raceway Courtesy of Jim Phillipson